Kumar Agency Livpure Distributors Behlana
Email: agency.kumar11@yahoo.com
Address: Shop No. 261, Vill. Behlana, 160003, Chandigarh, India
Telephone: 97813-30052
Website: http://www.livpurewater.com/
Livpure is India’s first advanced Touch Technology water purifier, giving you crystal clear pure water using a reverse osmosis or RO system. It also has high-tech dispensing options to save time. Here are some of the unique features of Livpure water purifiers:

  •  Intelligent Technology
  •  Triple-state Purification
  •  Display Panel
  •  Taste Enhancer
  •  Innovative Tank Design


  • Protection for you and your family from water-borne diseases.

  • The introduction of sodium hexa Meta phosphate (SHMP) changes the water chemistry so that scales are not formed on the surface of the water purifying RO membranes, hence making them last longer.
  • Ultraviolet light kills all the microbes like bacteria and viruses. Ultra filtration post the UV process removes these dead cells, so you can be sure that the water is 100% vegetarian.
Our Products:-
  •   MAGNA (RO+UV+UF)
  •   Touch Plus (RO+UV+UF) + Taste Enhancer
  •   Touch (RO+UV) + Taste Enhancer
  •   Envy Plus (RO+UV+UF)
  •   Envy (RO+UF)
  •   Pep (RO)
  •   Pep Plus (RO + UV + Taste Enhancer)
  •   Brahma
  •   25 LPH (RO+UV with TDS Control)
  •   50 LPH (RO)


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