Jai Maa Motor Works Shop Ugala
Paramjit Singh
Email: rinkug869@gmail.com
Address: Brarara Road, Near Bus Stand, Ugala, 133205, Barara, Haryana, India
Telephone: 94666-19537, 98123-55733
Jai Maa Motor Works Shop deals in sale and purchase of various vehicles at the best prices.

Our workshop and our handicrafts are well efficient as well as delivering the best services for maintaining the cars and other transports. You can get full maintenance, servicing, repair of your vehicle at our workshop. We also deals in every kind of scraps and deals in the sale and purchase of such scraps at the best prices.

Moreover, we provide various cars on rental for various purposes such as for corporate purpose or in weddings with full decorated vehicles according to your requirements.

Call us anytime and book for your vehicle for your various purposes at the best prices.
Our Special Services:-

• Deal in scrap cars
• Vehicles on rental for various occasions such as marriages, picnics etc.
• Deals in sale and purchase of various vehicles.
• Maintenance and repairing of vehicles.
• Repair and maintaining scrap cars.


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