Kirti Sales Shahabad Ambala
Davindar Kwatra
Address: Ladwa Road, Shahabad, Markanda, 136135, Shahabad Markanda, Haryana, India
Telephone: 90174-00000, 90178-11111, 92156-22033
Kirti Sales an authorized dealer of TATA TISCON offers M.S. Flats, Squares, Rounds, Angels, Channels, T.M.T. bars of all size, Gate Grills, Pipes & Cement.

We are also distributors of Sarmest TMT Saria, Bhushan Power and Steel Limited situated their regional office in Haryana.  Order now for the quality M. S. Flats, M. S. Angels, different sizes in channels, M. S. Rounds,  Squares, Bars, Alloy from the top brand in manufacturing bars, pipes, gate grills and various manufacturing items at the best rates.

For home roofs, windows, doors or for stairs we have grills in different styles with high quality. Our supplied TMT bars and other items are highly tensile strength steel round, square bars which are fabricated with high melting terms at the best quality.
Our special services:-

• Distributor of Sarmest TMT Saria
• M.S. Flats
• Squares
• Rounds
• Angels
• Channels
• T.M.T Bars
• Gate Grills
• Pipes
• Cement


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