Rajni and Company Chandigarh
Address: Booth No. 21-22, Ram Darbar, Phase 2, 160002, Chandigarh, India
Telephone: 0172-2655534, 98764-92271
We offer quality Cement, Sand, Gravel, Bricks, Spall, Core Sand, Stone Dust and all kinds of building material. We have associations with Jaypee Cement the top brand for building materials and we supply Jaypee Cement to the constructors.

In construction process, cement & sand are the most required materials.  We use cement to prepare concrete and mortar which results in setting and hold the structure together. There are different types of cement qualities which are used for different purposes. Moreover, the buildings require high quality construction material to have effective long lasting buildings.

We provide you all the quality materials during construction of your buildings. Get it here. Call us on 98764-92271, 0172-2655534 and have the best quality construction materials.
Our special Services:-

• Cement
• Sand
• Gravel
• Bricks
• Spall
• Core Sand
• Stone Dust
• All kinds of Building Materials
• Suppliers Of Jaypee Cement


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