Shahi Desi and Ayurvedic Clinic Mohali
Haqeem Afzal Ahmed
Address: Shop No. 9, Sector 56, 160055, Chandigarh, India
Telephone: 81465-56107, 73558-14494
Get treatments from well experienced family Legitimate (Vaid) & Clinician (Hakeem). Here have the best treatments for all kinds of diseases with the well versed home boon (Desi) and Ayurvedic medicines. Get treatments to the most complicated & common diseases here such as Asthma, Arthritis, Joint Pains, Acidity, Constipation, Stones, Piles, Itching, Scabies Itching, Shingles, Snuffle Cold,  headaches and Hair loss.
Hidden Male Diseases: Nightfall, Spermatorrhea, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, quick ejaculation and many more. With the natural herbs and chemicals, Ayurvedic ashes, prepared the ayurvedic medicines, we provide satisfactory results with the elimination of different deficiencies in males.

Moreover all the deficiencies in females, we eliminate with the natural herbal medicines supervised under well experienced professional manufactures with the appropriate composition of herbs in the medicines. Likoria, Menstruation, Stones, Tumor (Rasoli), Infertility Problems.

Have permanent solutions for arthritis, Knee Pain, Joint Pain, Back Pain; get Ayurvedic medicines for strong and hard pains in your body. Just call us and get the solutions for different deficiencies in males and females.

Our Special Services:-

• Family Legitimate & Clinician(Khandani Vaid/Hakeem)

• Male Deficiencies

• Female Deficiencies

• Permanent Solutions to the Joint Pains


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