CCL Path Lab Zirakpur
Vikram Chauhan
Address: OPP. Royal Estate, 140603, Zirakpur, Punjab, India
Telephone: 90411-10145, 90414-98030
CCL (Chauhan Clinical Laboratory) - PATH LAB

A fully equipped with world class digital & high tech equipments transacia cell counter and analyzers with all imported kits & chemicals, offers you the quality service for all kinds of body tests at the best prices. Dr. Jyoti (MD, Consultant Pathologist) offers the quality pathology services.

Get a complete diagnosis with our service packages. Proper reporting of all the tests with the best services at proper times. We also offer emergency services for home sample collection. With the consultant pathologist, we offer authorized services with the accurate reports with proper details. We believe in quality and get the best results with the accurate reports. Call us anytime and provide us the samples for the desired tests and here we also offer online report facility.
Our Special Services:-

• High tech Equipments
• All types of Body Tests
• Quality Detailed Reports
• Home Sample Collection
• Online Report facility


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