Amrit Panchkarma and Ayurvedic Clinic
Anil Aggarwal
Address: S.C.O. 1128-29, Sector 22B, 160022, Chandigarh, India
Telephone: 0172-5077721, 98140-77210
Get the high quality Panchkarmas and Kerala Therapies. For offering the quality healthcare to everyone, we offer special treatments/packages.

We provide 50 minutes session of Panchkarma & Kerala therapies including two therapies, medicated oils and fresh herbs. For fit and fine health, we must require 2 to 3 session every month. Have healthy heart, healthy bones, healthy skin, healthy brain, healthy uterus, healthy body and healthy muscles, get the special health package.  And we have various treatment packages which require 5 to 10 session course to be completed one month. Get rid of high cholesterol, heart problem, Spondilitis, arthritis, joint pain, pimples, hair loss, skin problem, migraine, stress, depression, infertility, Gynae-problem and many more.

We also deals in treating cough & cold, over-weight, constipation, memory-loss, kidney stone, rejuvenation with the best facilities such as Ayurvedic clinic, pulse examination to evaluate balance in Vatt-Pitt-kaph, panchkarma therapies, Kerala massages, pharmacy, detailed dincharya, diet counseling, clinical laboratory at reasonable rates, ultra sound scanning at the moment.
Call us anytime and have the best health remedies with ancient Indian Methodologies with no side effects with the pure herbs.
Our Special Services:-

• Ayurvedic Treatments
• Kerala massages
• Beauty Packages
• Sole- Proprietor


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