Dharamveer Yoga Classes Chandigarh
Dharamveer Singh
Email: dharamvir08@yahoo.co.in
Address: H.No. 3184, Top Floor, Sector 28-D, Chandigarh, India
Telephone: 97806-07035, 76966-72678
Yoga Charya Dharamveer, M.A. Yoga, P.G.D. Yoga, B.Y.V. Course, Expert in Accupressure.
We are here to enlighten you with the ancient centuries-old heritage of Yoga and Meditation. With the full research and devoting the whole life towards the betterment of human anatomy & ailments, Yoga Charya Dharamveer now a specialist in Yoga, Mediation, Asanas, Pranayam, Sat Karma and Accupressure.

From many years we are serving humanity which is a never ending process with the benefits of Yoga & Meditation. Thousands of people got advantages and benefits from Yoga and got riddance of different general and chronic illnesses. Find the best Yoga Classes in Chandigarh. We offer the best yoga trainings with regularity and full positions and postures according to the requirement and advice of the Yoga Charya. Also we offer Acupressure healing at our center which reduces muscular tension, increase blood circulation results in relieving stress and strain from the mind of the person.

Also we offer meditation therapies, which effectively reduce the stress and improves the quality of life. Have trainings to Sat-Karma, Asanas and Pranyam with proper instructions and specifications. Call us anytime and have the appointment for your query regarding Yoga and others.  Have a peaceful life at the end.
Our Special Services:-

• Asanas
• Pranyam
• Meditation
• Sat karma
• Accupressure

Treatment of following diseases:-

• Blood pressure
• Reduce fat
• Back Pain
• Diabetes
• Weakness
• Gastic problem
• Cervical
• Eyesight Loss
• Heart Problems
• Constipation
• Joint Pain
• Migraine
• Depression
• Mental Disorder
• Stiffness
• Nervousness & All types of Physically, Mentally & Emotionally Problems.


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