Pappu Di Hatti Shahabad
Mr. Nitesh Arora
Address: Near Jagadhri Well, Shahabad Markanda, Haryana, India
Telephone: 9996661356, 9416174593
A complete collection of current trends and fashionable clothes.

Get high quality cloth material with Suiting and Shirtings for men. Have the best quality Turbans, Suiting and Shirtings here at Pappu Di Hatti, best cloth shop in Jagadhari Well Shahbad. For ladies, we have an awesome collection of ladies suits, Party Wear Suits, Fancy lehngas, Sarees according to the latest demands of ladies wears in the market.

Moreover other accessories such as Towels, Blankets are available at our cloth store. We are also specialized in Daj and Vari. We have a great collection of beautiful and attractive quality bridal suits and lehngas at the best prices. Call us 9996661356 or 9416174593 and have the best clothes for ladies and gents here at our cloth store.
Our Special Services:-

• Suitings & Shirtings
• Turbans
• Ladies Suits
• Fancy lehngas
• Party Wear Suits
• Towels
• Blankets
• Daj & Vari


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