Alaska Technologies Chandigarh
Dinesh Bhardwaj
Address: 25/6, 1st Floor, Industrial Area Phase 2, Chandigarh, India
Telephone: 90415-81664
Have security and safety.  Door frame metal detector, hand held metal detector, long range search light, under vehicle search cam, trolley mirror, electronic stethoscope, letter bomb detector, telescopic manipulator, bomb blanket & basket, spike road block, deep search metal detector, RSP tool kit, Riot control equipments, hand held thermal imager, portable X-Ray machine (RTVS), night vision device, non linear junction detector (NLGD), Boom barriers & Gate automation, automatic rolling solutions and several traffic bollards.

Just call us 90415-81664 and have the best security solutions in Chandigarh.
Our Special Services:-

• Door Frame Metal Detector
• Hand Held Metal Detector
• Long Range Search Light
• Under Vehicle Search Cam
• Trolley Mirror
• Electronic Stethoscope
• Letter Bomb Detector
• Telescopic Manipulator
• Bomb Blanket & Basket
• Spike Road Block
• Deep Search Metal Detector
• RSP Tool Kit
• Riot Control Equipments
• Hand Held Thermal Imager
• Portable Xray Machine (RTVS)
• Night Vision Device
• Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD)
• Boom Barriers & Gate Automation
• Automatic Rolling Shutters
• Traffic Bollards


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