SEO is a popular term in web development field which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is basically structuring, designing and optimizing a website in such a manner that it gains top ranks in search engines like Google, yahoo etc. Further, the websites get better web traffic thus increasing the visitors to the website. These are the basic function of a SEO company.

In order to understand the concept of SEO and their role in web development, it is important to understand the basic mindset of the people surfing the internet. It is observed commonly that when a person searches for information on the net, out of the thousand pages that appear people do not go beyond the first page. This is because of the fact that they feel the best desired information is available in the first page itself, second is the time constraint.

The presence of the website in the first pages of search engine becomes utmost important if you are hosting some form of online sales. Also for Internet marketing websites the visitors are the backbone of sales, so it becomes very essential to keep the visitors bind to the websites and make them spend adequate time. In order to achieve this task the website needs to be designed in such a way that the user finds it user friendly and feels like visiting very often. The links and pages of the website should load easily.

Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing are the search engines which account for majority of the web traffic. So let your SEO work for you in creating a mark for your website on these search engines.

SEO does not have some miracles in their kitty to divert all the traffic to your websites. Also it is of no use when diverse type of people visits the website. Prospective targeted customers are required to be routed; this is done by using good keyword selection and contents on the website.

Some of the SEO techniques are:
  • Designing of keyword rich domain names for your website.
  • Presence of rich contents on the website with potential key words and adequate repetition of the key words in text.
  • Optimization of Meta tags of HTML coding of your website.
  • Internal linking to remove all broken links so that the search engine effectively indexes your website
  • Designing meaningful page title to bring about the complete objective of the website
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