Book Store in Chandigarh

In this time, there is a great trend of books among people, and a lot of bookstore in Chandigarh can be seen just because there are a lot of book lovers in the city beautiful, who only crave books all the time no matter what. For the people who adore books, their first friend is always a book as when there is nobody beside you, then there are books who will definitely give you the best rescue. In today’s times, a lot of people are interested in reading books, since reading is a very good habit, which further develops major good qualities in a person. The bookstores are full of different types of books that range from the school books to the college books, to the various kind of genre books, fiction related books, novels, biographies, autobiographies, and a lot more. Plus some of the bookstores also keep the NCERT and the CBSE syllabus books that are authorized in the schools, books for the university and college student. Most of the books stores take place of the selling and buying of the new plus old books which is beneficial for the students, as they can buy and sell the same books from the bookstores itself. Such bookstores keep books of different kinds of publishers and companies, which is why there will not be a single book that is not available in the bookstores. The stores in the city beautiful have also turned really very advanced and been growing with each new modification in the time period.  So, here we will be showcasing you some of the best bookstores that will help you up in buying the books you have been waiting to read.

Chawla Book Shop Chandigarh

Mandeep Singh

Email:[email protected]

Address: Shop No. 214, Main Market, Sector 41-D, Badheri, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 0172-2629158, 98556-23054

We deal in Old & New Books.

With a great collection of old & new books, school books, college books, computer books and medical engineering, we offer the sale and purchase of new and old books at reasonable rates.

Find a great collection of books for all kinds of courses, magazines here. Books for all school classes and books for every board, NCERT, CBSE syllabus books at the best prices. We are the suppliers in offering the different books for each and every subject. Books for graduation, post graduation courses such as computers, electronics, accounts and many more are available with us. If you require some different books we can arrange it with our associations with the top books publishers.

Call us anytime on 98556-23054 and have the best sale and purchase services for old and new books. It is the right place for finding from a bulk store of books at the best prices.


Shivam Book Store Chandigarh


Address: Shop No. 146, Near Math Sector 20C, 160020, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 96466-21921

 We deal in the sale and purchase of new and old books.  Get all kinds of books related to engineering, medical and different competitive examinations.

We offer special discounts on new books. You can find a collection of books of every class, every author, latest editions and prescribing to all boards. Moreover, we provide novels also, various recipes magazines, story books, latest Indian magazines and all newspapers etc.

We also provide Books for graduation and post graduation courses. Books needed for B.A., M.A., B.Tech,, B.Ed., M.Ed, BSC, MSC, IT Books, Basic Computer Courses, many competitive exams such as IAS, IPS or PCS etc. You can also get books for aptitude tests, entrance examinations and latest Govt. exams preparation. Also, we can arrange books for special courses on orders.