Top Ice Cream Parlour in Mohali

Ice Cream is something we all have eaten. It's something we have grown up eating. Ice-creams play a prominent role in our childhood and even after we grow up. It is no less than a treat every time we get to eat an ice cream. Ice cream is a dessert that people of every age group loves to eat. Ice creams come in various flavors and tastes. They are a perfect blend of sugar, milk and fruits or chocolates. Ice creams can be enjoyed at any time of the day and at any season. One can never get enough of it. Ice creams are now used as a complimentary item with various dishes such as they are used as a sauce with waffles or are put into milkshakes to make it more creamy and condensed. If you are residing in Mohali and is looking for the best ice cream shop in Mohali then you are in the right place.

With our over the time of research, we present you with the list of best ice cream distributors in Mohali. Getting a good quality and taste of ice creams gives you an immense experience of joy and pleasure. We are completely aware of it and thus did our initiative to be a helping hand to you. We provide you with the below-mentioned list of places from where you can get the top quality ice cream in Mohali.

Giani Ice Cream Parlor Mohali

Varinder Bir Singh

Address: Booth No. 28, Phase 7, Sector 61

Telephone: 0172-5092606, 98887-12606

We offer a delectable range of ice cream, faluda kulfi, Italian gelato, sorbet and snacks.

Have 100% vegetarian, our delightful range of ice creams and snacks are relished by kids, youngsters and adult equally. We manufacture different flavored delicious ice creams which have gone through the processing unit, quality testing, cold and storage and packaging. With low temperatures hardening rooms, continuous freezer and filling stations we offer high quality ice creams. Get delicious faludas, sugar free ice cream, diet shakes, and normal shakes with natural flavors with the best prices.  Enjoy lovely ice creams daily.

Also we have special arrangements for the weddings, parties and functions.  Call us anytime on 09888712606 and find the best flavors in ice creams for your special functions.

Kesar Kulfi and Ice Cream Mohali

Mr. Surinder Pal Singh

Address: C-38, Phase 2, Ind. Area, Opp. PTL Gate No.1

Telephone: 98152-20730

Kesar Kulfi & Ice cream offers ice creams and kulfis in a variety of flavors.

Kulfi and Ice creams are the sweet ice creams which can mold your mild with various delicious flavors. We also offer a collection of ice creams and kulfis for various special occasions. Our guests in various functions wants ice cream after having meals and children are really very fond of ice creams.

We have special arrangements for various special occasions such as marriages, engagements or various other functions.  Some people are really very much fond of ice creams such as Cornet to, Easy Sundays, Strawberry flavor riched, Chocolate flavored and many more. They don’t see about the season or timings just want their favorite ice creams.

We offer various flavors in Ice creams with cones, bars,cups or bricks at anytime. We deliver special kesar kulfi available in 6different flavors. Call us on 9815220730 and order now for your favorite flavored ice creams.