Top 10 Best Astrologers in Chandigarh

Many a time it’s the astrological views that bring us with the best meaning related to our future. If we are falling short on the future decisions or judgments, then one should take a look at the astrological information about oneself with the help of the top astrologers in Chandigarh. Astrology refers to the study of actions and changes in the celestial bodies like the sun, stars, moon, and planets. It is not mainly understood as science but, definitely a standard of education which can help one recognize their future, marriage, and other essential matters in life. Sometimes in life, it may feel as if there is no meaning and answers to some of our questions. This is when; astrology can help one and comfort an individual with its problems by at least giving some hint and new brand vision about various things. In astrology, it is centrally believed that any movement in our stars can vary the predictions of our life. Numerous cultures have initiated the importance of astrology in their place, some of which are the Indians, Chinese etc. It is all about the prediction and viewing the stars of the event. Even by the sun sign of an individual, their personality or how the particular day will go can be predicted. There are in total twelve sun signs of astrology that are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Astrology includes horoscopes and tarot card reading. Here is a listing of some of the best astrologers in Chandigarh who will bring out the major foresight in the health-related problems, financial issues, marital issues and every other kind of problem. For a number of people, there has been a great help form the astrological cures, as they have been proven right in some of the other case. Moreover, they also have an inclusion of Vaastu reading and palm reading too.

Acharya Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma

Email:[email protected]

Address: HL-239, Phase 9, Sector 63, 160062, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 9888629704


Get solutions of the problems through astrologist

Astrology is considered as the studying of the movements of celestial bodies in which the sun, moon and other planets come. It helps in telling the people that at what particular time the person was born and it is a great deal that is tell by every astrologer. Astrology assists in defining the information about the human and their various affairs and terrestrial incidents. In this world each and every person has different future and every person is unique and they contribute varied same interests and feelings.

In today’s time, if the people want to know how was the day will go then, they always check their horoscope to know it. There are many thousands of years back, people look at the sky and they were got dread from the mystery of the planets and other stars but now, they everything is cleared and this can be done by making an astrology.

Acharya Ashok Sharma is a famous astrologer who is popular in India and he is serving his service from many years. He is an expert astrologer who has solve the problems of many people and the person who come at him gets fully satisfied as they give best resolution to the people. There are number of people who have come and got happy.  


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Vaishnavi Maa- Astro Vedic

Vaishnavi Maa

Email:[email protected]

Address: Sector 15, Chandigarh

Telephone: 7626863274, 7626863275

In case, you are keen on knowing about your astrological terms, or in doubt about your future, then this is the right time to hop on to one of the finest predictors. Astro Vedic is one of the leading astrologers in Chandigarh, who have swept its way in the field of astrology flexibly. They provide the customers with all the predictions and cures to improve your luck when it is not technically working. “Karma does not work without trust and trust the power that we can identify” is the only motto by them which abides their system towards serving the people without any hindrance. If you want to know about the karma you have been on or what is your karma being working over now, then consult us at Vaishnavi Maa – Astro Vedic who will help you with all the problems. We bring the insights of your stars, signs, planets and all the other celestial bodies. Being specialists in Consultancy Ayurvedic Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Fangushi that is the stone experts, we draw out the best results in the specified fields. We may not give you the perfect solution, but will surely help you in leading to a great solution, as there is no problem in the world which cannot be cured. Astro Vedic can also resolve your stars with a number of antidotes to improvise your stars. With just one question in your mind, we will serve you with an estimated calculation about you and your loved ones. Together with there will be a number of remedies offered for the extremely best of the client.

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RK Sharma Astrologer

R.K Sharma

Address: SCO 182, First floor, Sector 37C, Chandigarh, 160036

Telephone: 8557912996, 7009022464

Since there is a large number of the top astrologer in Chandigarh, who can bestow the customers with their superb quality services at every point of time. But, one should also be known about the fact that the RK astrologers is one of the most renowned one in the city beautiful and is one of the greatest in providing the people with the services that is only given by us and that too in the best possible manner no matter what. Since we are regarded as the most recognized one, which is why we have allured every person in the society and made a path for our self which differentiates us from the other people in a very broad way.
As we have been in this field of astrology for a very long time, that is why every other thing is completely in our hands as now we are the major specialists in it as we do the work every day which has eventually made us excel in the desired area of the field. Astrology is basically a process of figuring out the predictions and the study of the movements of the celestial objects and elements that are in a relative position plus the presumed information of the humans and the events that are terrestrial.
We are one of the best astrologer in Chandigarh because there are some of the specialization that is given by us to the customers at every point of time like reading book, easy remedies, vashikaran specialization, solutions for the love problems, husband-wife dispute problem solutions, inter-caste love marriage specialists, vashikaran for love, the problem for the disputes that are related to the job and the business, family tensions, making of the kundli and things, various pujas are also involved like the Kaal dosh puja, navgrah puja, Laxmi puja, and many more.
So, if you want to resolve your problems, stars and time with us then get started with our astrology services in Chandigarh which will definitely help you in the finest way possible.

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Astrologer KB Monga

Mr. KB Monga

Email:[email protected]

Address: S.C.O. 1086/87, 2nd Floor, Sector 22B, 160022, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 9988196602

Consultancy, Marriage and Married Life, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry. Call 9988196602.

Consult the best Astrologer in Chandigarh and have tremendous simple solutions for all your life problems. Issues with family, money, business, love, marriages or married lives. Are you facing problems with one of the above issues? Contact us anytime and have consultation regarding your life problems.

Know about your careers, business, marriages, accurate predictions for the marriage timings, astrological study for your better future, the conic hand and find the problems facing in your life with the planets. Hand Reading, Palmistry, Vedic Astrology, Accurate Predictions, and many more. Have an appointment according to your convenience and get the best solutions for your life problems as planets play a vital role in our luck and life.

Narinder Kataria Astrologer Palmist and Vaastu Expert

Narinder Kataria

Email:[email protected]

Address: Quiet of Fice No.3, Sector 35A, 160035, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 98153-92799

Are you worried about your carrier, marriage problems,health issues, financial problems in life? Narinder kataria, the best astrologer, palmist and vaastu expert in Chandigarh offers the best solutions with their knowledge and specialization in this field. Sometimes our luck lacks us behind many things and some resolutions suggested by an astrologer can change our lives with some ancient Indian astro remedies. Call us anytime on98153-92799 and get an appointment to get rid of all your problems and issues at the best level.

Shree Swati Jyotish Kendra Chandigarh

Rajesh Sharma

Email:[email protected]

Address: SCO. 363-364, Top Floor, Sector 35B, 160022, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 98724-92577

We offer quality astrology services, gems, gemstones, horoscopes, lal kitab amrit, and Vedic jyotish services.

Shree Swati Jyotish Rishi is an active gold medalist member of all India Federation of Astrologers Society experts in Lal Kitab, Vedic Jyotish, and Horoscope & Stones with proper usage and benefits with the stones. There will be meetings with Jyotish Rishi on appointments only. General Timing of meeting is 10 A. M. to 7 P.M.

Meet well versed Jyotish Rishi for every kind of astrology, Vedic services for having solutions to all your life issues. We also deal in preparing Janam Kundli and provide astro services by seeing kundli. Get cost effective remedies to get rid of your life issues Call us 09872492577 and have the best remedies for your problems with the consultation of Shree Swati Jyotish Kendra.

India Astro Service Chandigarh

Acharya Aditya Shastri

Email:[email protected]

Address: Sector 40, 160040, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 76965-56333

Nav Grah Puja Astro Research Center. Get all kinds of Astrology, Black Magic, Vashikaran, Love Vashikaran, Neurology, and Meditation from well versed Acharya Aditya Shastri (Gold Medalist) in Chandigarh.

With his great experience in Vashikarans and Astrology, he can easily give solutions for different issues in the lives of the people. Youcan discuss your problems related to any area of your life candidly. Our 24hours expert service helps you to get know from our panel whether related to a relationship, love, career, life job, abroad settlement or anything.  We deal in Nav Grah Puja, Marriages, ShantiPaths, Jagrata and other Puja. You can contact us anytime for any kind of issue and function.