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Social Media Marketing


SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. As the name suggest Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to promote a product and services of a company. We live in a digitally driven country where the latest tools and gadgets are being used by everyone. The invention of the Internet is a boon to the digitalized era. The World Wide Web is the web of networks which had made life easier. With the help of the internet, everything is available to us at our comfort. The internet and the mobile phone and laptops are a magical combo. SMO Company in Chandigarh is a blessing to the mankind along with digitalization.

Social media websites are an online community where you can build connections with people all around the world. You just have to create your account and you are ready to go. Social media websites help you to share pictures and written content of your business with your connections. Your connections can further share it with their connections. This way it helps you to build a chain of networks all around the globe. Social media platforms work wonders for the companies who want to utilize the benefits of the World Wide Web for their business growth. Through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can reach out to your target audience in real time. You can share the description of the product and services of your company through social media sites. This way it helps you to gain attraction thus creating brand awareness. SMO company in Mohali will help you to elevate the conversion rate. Whenever you share a post of your business with the name of your official website mentioned in it, a visitor might visit your company's site at the end. If the post you share is convincing and interesting enough, a visitor might convert into your customer thus contributing to your business growth.

SMO helps to improve SEO. Scroll down to know about the three ways on how:

  • 1. Social media allows for content promotion: Content promotion is a way through which social media can indirectly help your search engine rankings. No matter how great you craft out your content but it does not get the attention it deserves. Various social media platforms provide you with a podium to promote the quality of content you have created on various channels. To elevate your SEO based content, social media is the easiest and effective way. If your content is creative yet informative and has the capability to attract sufficient eyeballs, these engagement metrics definitely add value to search engines.

  • 2. Social media encourages more engagement: With increase engagement, social media helps to elevate your website's SEO rankings on all the major search engine result pages. Engagement matters in SEO. This is the reason one should take full advantage of social media to promote the quality of content. Social media not only encourages engagement but also improve your online reputation thus creating connections that would generate leads for your business.

  • 3. Increased brand awareness improves your SEO rankings: The third and one of the important ways social media contributes to SEO is through increasing brand awareness. Social Media marketing improves SEO rankings but equally creates brand awareness. A huge percentage of people use social media sites worldwide. Social media helps you to build connections all over the world. Similarly, when you share a post or picture of the product and services of your company, it gets circulated over the vast sea of the internet. This way whoever will come across your post will know about your brand. Thus social media marketing helps you to create brand awareness and online reputation as well. Social media encourages involvement which further elevates the conversion rate.

Online Chandigarh is the top notch SMM Company in Chandigarh who provides cost-effective services not only in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur, Punjab, Panchkula, or India, but worldwide. With more than 12 years of experience, Online Chandigarh is the group of professional experts. The team of Online Chandigarh are SEO experts who understand the impact of Social Media Marketing on business growth. This SMM Company in Mohali incorporates SEO and SMM experts who will create and manage your business page on all the major social media websites. We will give you the performance report of your account to keep you updated.

SMM experts are just a click away!

Our social media packages incorporate following services:

  • Account Setup & Management – If you aren’t a part of social media yet worry not! we will create your profile and also manage it on your behalf.
  • Business page optimization – We will optimize your social media pages with a motive to maximum exposure and visibility.
  • High-quality postings – Our posting will be based on your website content with a purpose to generate social media shares and interactions.
  • Finding new targeted followers – We initiate goal-oriented social media campaigns to create your brand awareness among the masses. We don’t focus on increasing followers instead we aim at reaching out to the potential customers that will bring you profit.
  • Campaign management – We will manage your advertising campaigns on every major social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to elevate the ROI
  • Spam monitoring – We take potential steps to prevent your account from spammers.
  • Monthly progress report – We will provide a monthly progress report to help you keep track of how well your campaign is working.
  • Reputation Management (Optional) – We will help you create a genuine and trustworthy identity online to attract traffic. With our reputation management strategies, we will also filter negative contents about your business from all the major search engines to help you maintain your identity.

Why we call ourselves the best?

We cover every major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Bing, etc.

We create potential posts that guarantee visible results and encourage interaction.

We have been delivering the service since more than 12 years with quality results.

We have a team of skilled professionals who diligently work towards your business goals.

We guarantee a quality result and the good news is “We won’t charge any set-up fee, nor will we force you into any long-term contracts.” Feel free to stop anytime without any penalty fee!

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