Pay Per Click - PPC

Pay Per Click - PPC


PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a form of online marketing by using the medium of search engine advertising in order to generate clicks for the website. In spite of earning those clicks organically, PPC basically means buying clicks by paying a certain amount to the search engine operator. Google AdWords helps to initiate PPC campaigns.

Let's know how it works: as soon as the PPC Company in Chandigarh creates your PPC campaign through Google AdWords, your advertisement gets displayed above the organic search results. Whenever a visitor clicks your advertisement, you have to pay a certain amount for each click to the search engine. This is the reason it's called Pay Per Click. If your PPC campaign is effective it elevates the conversion rate in real time.

Following are some of the ways how Pay Per Click marketing is beneficial for everyone:

  • 1. It's beneficial for searchers: A recent research has shown that visitors tend to click on paid advertisements more often than any other form of digital advertising. This means that people don't mind to visit the advertisements unless it offers the desired product and services.

  • 2. It's beneficial for advertisers: PPC provides a platform to the advertisers for putting up their messages in front of their target audience in an effective manner. PCC allows the advertisers to reach out to the visitors who actively look for a product online. Through search queries, searchers reveal their intent. This way it gets easy for the advertisers to measure the rate of traffic we would get through the search engine clicks.

  • 3. It's good for search engines: Through Pay Per Click search engines serves for both the advertisers and the searchers simultaneously. A search engine helps the searchers to get the desired product and services. At the same time, search engines help the advertisers to reach out to their target audience by providing the product and services with a searcher looks for over the internet.

The biggest advantage of PPC is that it rewards the highest bidder with the highest rankings at the same time it rewards the most popular advertisements also. The major search engines such as Google rewards the best performer by charging little less for each click.

Online Chandigarh is one of the well-known names in providing the best PPC services in Chandigarh, and Mohali. We are based in the city beautiful. We are team of professional experts. We have more than 12 years of experience in the field of PPC. The experts of Online Chandigarh know how to operate Google AdWords for creating effective Pay Per Click campaigns. The professionals will first go through the aim and motive of your business. We will then evaluate your purpose and will create an effective campaign with the help of Google AdWords. The experts of Online Chandigarh will create the campaign keeping your target audience in mind. We will create and manage your campaign. We will also provide you with the weekly performance report to keep you updated. You can stop your campaign whenever you feel it's not performing up to the mark any time. It is a PPC Company in Mohali and Punjab which provides cost-effective and best PPC services all around the globe. Our PPC service is not only restricted to Chandigarh and Mohali but we have a huge connection of clientele in Zirakpur, Punjab, Panchkula and India etc. Feel free to approach us.

PPC experts are just a click away!

Know how our PPC packages functions!

  • Dedicated Account Manager – You will be assigned a professional and trustworthy account manager who will diligently manage your account.
  • Account Setup – We will set up your PPC campaigns using best standards and practices.
  • Keyword Research – Before starting the PPC campaign we go through thorough keyword research to mark out the most suitable ones for your business which will bring you profit.
  • Create Ad Campaign – Our campaigns include text ads and if your business requires images or videos, we provide you with that as well.
  • Google Analytics Integration – Result of our PPC campaigns will be displayed by the Google Analytics top keep you updated about our performance.
  • Conversion Tracking – Conversion tracking is an essential way to keep the track of what brings profit to you.
  • Mobile Ads – In this era of revolution of gadgets, a huge population is switching over to mobile phones and tablets. Keeping this in mind we create gadget-friendly campaigns.
  • Progress Reports – It is essential to keep a track of your progress and so we provide progress reports to keep you updated on how your campaign is working.
  • Campaign management– We optimize your campaign on a regular basis to prevent it from losing its position.
  • Landing Page Optimization Review – You need a high converting landing page and we will tell you how to get one.
  • Support – Customer service is our main priority and so we make sure that our team is easily approachable.

Wondering why choose us?

We are recognized globally for creating value for money advertisements.

Our diligent team has more than 12 years of experience.

We provide real-time web tracking facility.

We strategize our campaign based on the competition around to chalk out the areas for improvement.

Boost up your business now and generate better ROI with our tech-savvy team of experts!

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