Best Bakery Shops in Chandigarh

Today’s generation has a never-ending love for the bakery product, so if you are in the same queue, here we have the best collection of Bakery Shop in Chandigarh. Whether it’s your friend’s birthday cake or you want to treat yourself with some amazing baking food, bakeries have become our needs. We all love the cake like anything; in fact in your sad moods bakery products like cake, pastries, and muffins etc. act as a mood booster and develop happy hormones into our body. Bakery product like doughnuts, muffins, cakes are in our favorite sweets list, but baked food like bread is in our daily need which is an essential part of our breakfast meal.
 So, if you are checking out for Best Bakers in Chandigarh, here you will get all best bakery destination in Chandigarh. It’s not only kids who are massive lovers of bakery food; elders too are addicted to this to a huge extent.  Nothing can beat that feeling when you have that first taste of your cake, the flavor unfurls into your mouth creates a yummy feeling into your tummy. Go and explore these best bakery shop in Chandigarh and treat your taste buds with the amazing bakery foods.

Bakers Inn and Eating Point

Sukhsehaj Singh

Email:[email protected]

Address: Shop No. 28, Sector 31D

Telephone: 97800-00597, 98888-91597

Baker’s Inn & Eating Point

We offer the quality food items at the best prices. Our quality service is dedicated to the satisfaction of our guests which works to reach the highest standards of quality. You can get all bakery items including vegetable rolls, cakes, pastries, petties, smosas, pakoras, pizzas, bakery biscuits, bands, burgers etc with quality work.

Our bakers are well experienced and efficient in preparing cakes of various different designs with delicious flavors. You will remember the cakes eaten from our bakery shop. Moreover, we deal in confectionery items also. We have a great range of packed sweets, packed dry fruits, packed gifts, cold drinks and every type of bakery item.

We also have special organization for parties, marriages and other special functions. Contact us or call us anytime and serve your guests with the healthiest food at the best prices.

National Bakers Chandigarh

Ranbir Singh

Email:[email protected]

Address: Shop No. 11-12, Sector 19D

Telephone: 98764-00058

We welcome all our guests with full committed to the quality and customer satisfaction. We deal in Bakery, Confectionery, Frozen, and Fast food, Ice Creams, Branded National and Multinational Products.

We provide Birthday Cakes, Egg less Cake, Dry Cake, Egg less Biscuits, Snacks, Pastries, Grocery, Dry Fruits, and various confectionery items. Our bakers mainly focus on the ingredients to meet our secret recipes exact requirements. Then we bake them in a proper way to meet the higher standards of quality.  We are serving the whole Chandigarh with the quality services in baking since many years. Find a variety of cakes in different flavors with healthy ingredients. Call us 9876400058 and find your favorite flavored cakes.