List of Best Car Driving School in Mohali

Driving is an activity that we all love to do. It is either a hobby for someone or the only option of travelling for some. Driving your own car is the most comfortable mode of travelling where you can drive to whichever location you want on your own. Many people don’t know how to drive and so they hire drivers. Apart from certain pros, there are considerable cons of hiring a driver for your own car. Hiring professional driver means paying the extra money. Apart from paying money, you are somewhere bound towards the availability of the driver. When we hire a person to drive for us we take our cars only when they are available or present. But when we know how to drive on our own we are not bound by anything and thus we can take out our vehicle whenever we want. Considering this factor we bring you the list of best car driving school in Mohali.

Either you want to go to a business meeting or you want to go for a family vacation, having known how to drive a car will definitely prove to be beneficial for you. You will not be dependent on anyone and thus can take out your vehicle whenever you want. While going on a vacation if you can drive your car by your own you can easily take it to your desired location without asking anyone for it. If you don’t know how to drive and willing to learn then go through the list of best car driving school in Mohali that we crafted for you below. Contact any one of them and avail the best learning experience.


Jassi Driving School

Jaswinder Singh Jassi

Email:[email protected]

Address: Landran Road, Sohana, Near Govt. Girls School, Sector 77, Mohali

Telephone: 9888837076

Jassi driving school is regarded as one of the finest driving school in Mohali, who gives training to the people about how to ride a car properly and that too in all over Mohali. There are a lot of people, who need absolute training for driving car, as it is not an easy task to do it on their own. For riding a car like an expert, everyone needs special training and later on a license should be owned by a person, so that an individual is legal enough to ride on the car freely.
The training that is provided by the car driving school in Mohali is extremely phenomenal. We make a person train in our own car or the learner can even choose their own car for learning to ride, plus the duration of the course is around twenty-one days. There are a number of crash courses too, where the duration of the same results from seven days to ten days and so on.

With growing trend and advancement, our school supplies the services of sale or purchase of car too, while the training of the learner can also be taken place in the 3-Swift cars that is present with us. Before getting to know us, the customers can even choose to take the free trial or the test drive with us, to make it convenient for the learners to know if it is cool to get engaged with us or not, that is as per their own satisfaction level. So, without a thought, get set and make way with us, as we are one of the best driving schools in Mohali.

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Dhillon Car Driving School

Harjog Singh

Address: S.C.F - 60, Phase - 11, Mohali, Punjab, India

Telephone: 9855844600

Looking forward to help people for learning the basics of driving and preventing them from huge mistakes while driving on the road, Dhillon Driving School in Mohali is renowned as the best car driving school in Mohali for those who are unaware of driving and can gain the best driving skills from expert professionals.
Our expert professionals are well versed with driving in hilly area, plains, coastal areas and desert areas as well. You can learn so many things from their past experience, also know the tricks if you wanted to be a skilled professional in driving. Most of the people know driving but some of them drive incorrectly without knowing the exact rules of driving. So increasing awareness to the people about driving and traffic rules, we altogether can provide a civilized culture in our society as well.
AC Cars, Maruti Swift Cars, Maruti Alto are available with us and we provide the best training sessions on these cars. Our driving training courses are scheduled for 4 weeks including 5 days a week.  Sunday is off, you can approach us for your suitable timings and start your training batches as you desire. We always support you everywhere to become a professional driver in future.

Get professional training sessions for driving and become a professional in driving whether it is highways or streets. Feel free to call us anytime on +91-98558-44600+91-98558-44600 and enjoy driving with your near and dear ones anywhere.