Top 10 Best Total Car Washing and Dry Cleaning in Mohali

The car is something that we all desire to have one day. It is one of the prized possessions which we all wish to have, especially the youth for a stylish and comfortable living. Most of the times comfort is one of the major factor associated with owning a car. Having such a vehicle adds comfort to our lifestyle and gives a sense of luxury too. Owning a car means investing money. At the same time maintaining the car after buying it is also highly important. They are one of the delicate things that require proper maintenance in order to ensure its proper functioning. When we fail to maintain a car properly, it fails to give us a long-run guarantee. We bring you the list of places known for best car washing in Mohali below.

When we talk about car maintenance, car washing is one of the most important aspects of it. Getting your car washed every once in a while is a part of its proper maintenance. It is the simplest and easiest way to maintain the quality of your car. A car when left dirty for a longer period of time can damage its body completely. It can even ruin the exterior of the car. Having your vehicle washed and dry-cleaned on a regular basis prevents it from damaging both internally and externally. This is the reason that we bring you the list of best services of total car dry cleaning in Mohali. The service providers listed below also provides effective car washing services that will ensure the total safety of your vehicle.

Jot Car Wash

Talwinder Singh Baidwan

Email:[email protected]

Address: Plot no 251, Village Mattaur, Near Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Sector 70, Mohali, Punjab

Telephone: 9988160920, 6280358236

While we are driving a car all the time, there is also a need to maintain it by total car washing in Mohali. One cannot just keep on riding the vehicle until it stops working, like humans need food and oxygen to live; likewise car also needs its full maintenance at every point of time, no matter what. Well, you do need to worry as the Jot car wash is ready to give you all of it and with the most precise methods.
Every other thing needs its cleaning and proper polishing because each thing is prone to damage and a little disturbance. This is why; nowadays people prefer to get their cars washed from the car wash markets or stores, instead of doing it their self, as the people engaged in the car wash supplies are major professionals in this field, they prefer in flourishing the customers with full-fledged quality services at every point of time, so that they are also readily satisfied. We have been in the industry for a while now, which has made us professionals in the area of work. Our constant approach is to work fluently and within the specified period of time, as per the requirements of the customer and provide the best car washing in the city.
 Some of the services that are included during a car wash process is bubble wash, steam and wax wash, hand wax, polishing the machine, paint protection, polymer coation, glass coating, alloy wheel cleaning, headlight restoration, etc.
The employees that are engaged with us are real specialists in their respective fields because of which, there is a lot of customer shows only prefer us. This has helped us made a great niche in the mechanic industry. So, for car cleaning in Mohali , get to us, as we are specialists in hydraulic lift wash, vacuum plus hydraulic washing carried with body wax in the small cars, for SUVs we have the vacuum plus hydraulic washing accompanied with body wax, while for the bike you have the body wax included. Make your next deal with us now.

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Vashisht Motors Mohali

Rajeev k. Vashist

Address: Plot no -116, JLPL, Industrial Area, Sector 82, 140306, Mohali, Punjab, India

Telephone: 9872615728, 9779434874

One Stop Car Solution in Mohali. Contact us right now for all types of car services, its washing, Total dry cleaning, maintenance and repairing. We are one of the best service providers for denting, painting and total car dry cleaning near JLPL, Mohali.

Call us right now 9779434874 and book your appointment as per your convenience. Avail the best total dry cleaning, executive car wash, rubbing and buffing, CHK wheel Balancing and CHK Wheel alignment as well. Our whole package of total dry cleaning is so economical and composed of so many services which includes vacuum cleaning, seat dry cleaning, roof dry cleaning, floor carpet dry cleaning, total window glass cleaning, interior cleaning, roof, mat, boot, floor, interior, plastic, rubber parts to give your car sports less, shiny and gloss interior.  Contact us now for availing special discount offers for your car cleaning services.

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