Computer and Laptop Repair Services in Chandigarh

A large number of laptop repair services in Chandigarh are present because there is no doubt about the fact that one needs to have the repairing of their gadgets done in a proper way no matter what. As we know that in the world today, there are various numbers of different gadgets that have been established, and a lot of people are even using them in a synchronized way, so that they can easily achieve whatever they want to, or function upon their processes as and when required. The people who can repair your working are the ones that have been in the area of the field from a great while, which is the reason that they specialize in the same.

Repairing is the procedure of correction, mending and bettering the things that have not been working or moving properly. In this process, one can insure or get the service of the laptop or the computer done, so that it can work or do the processing in a proper way. There are a lot of people for the laptop repair in Chandigarh, who can help us in figuring out the major plus minor problems that have been affecting our gadgets since a while.
The people who are into this profession of bettering things for the people have their specific prices for the working, plus some can even grant us with the same services just at home, so that the clients do not have to visit or go anywhere, and at home itself the problem can be solved. Every company has its own standards of repairing or mending the things so that the clients and customers can be satisfied in the best way in spite of anything.
So, if you are worried about choosing for the best computer repair services in Chandigarh, then be relieved as Online Chandigarh will supply you with the right kind of listing of the same in an organized manner.

E Technologies Chandigarh

Varan & Jaswinder

Address: S.C.O. 369, 2nd Floor, Sector 44-D, 160047, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 0172-5049041, 3060593, 98778-00041, 85913-72421

We deals in Laptop & Apple Product repair at our regional office in Chandigarh.

With our commitment to provide the best professional Laptop & Apple service to achieve our future aspiration in Laptop repair center. And we repair all the products of Apple products for personal, industrial and all office clients in Chandigarh. We are efficient in quick laptop repair and have all the quality spare parts of a laptop. You need not to go anywhere, now a Laptop and Apple products repair center is in your own city Chandigarh and you can have easy services available with you.

Call us anytime 9877800041, 8591372421, 0172-5049041 or 3060593 and have different laptop accessories and best repairing service in Chandigarh.

Inteligia IT Solution Chandigarh

Mr. Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhi)

Email:[email protected]

Address: S.C.O. 75, Cabin No. 4-5, 1st Floor, Sector 20 C, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 0172-4603676, 98760-02244

We have great expertise in repairs of LCD Monitor, Mother Boards, Monitors, UPS, SMPS, etc.

We deal in the repairing of laptops and desktop computers up to the chip level. With the proper working to the hardware and software, we are efficient in repairing all the parts of a computer system. We replace all the damaged parts with the newer spare parts of a system. We are the suppliers of different spare parts of the top branded companies and repair and maintain your system as it was earlier.

Call us anytime on 98760-02244 and find the best solutions if you are looking for the repairing of your system. We repair both systems with guarantee or without guarantee with the best quality service. Also find the different spare parts such as keyboard, printers, scanners, monitors, screens, keypads, mouse, memory cards, pen drives, cables and all computer accessories.

Wahi Computers Chandigarh

Amit Wahi

Email:[email protected]

Address: S.C.O. 54, 1st Floor, Sector 20C, 160020, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 0172-5007692, 9072970692

 We deal in the sale and purchase of old & new laptops, desktop computers with best deals and special offers. Get hardware, peripherals, laptops, digital projectors, and AMC’s media product at the best prices.

With our associations to the top electronic brands, we offer the top branded laptops and computers at the best prices. Find Dell, Intel, Wipro, hp, Canon, HCL, Samsung, AMD laptops and desktop computers here at Wahi Computers. Moreover get CCTV cameras, DVDs and many more at favorable discounts.

Also, we offer the best laptop repair services. We offer the best alternatives in case of damaged spare parts. If it seems difficult to repair or maintain the damaged spare part, we will replace the corrupted spare part with the new high quality spare parts and make it properly working. Call us anytime 9872970672 for the retailing and repairing of all laptops and desktop computers. Also we offer all the accessories related to the hardware and software of a computer system.