Computer Repair Services and Laptop Repair in Mohali

We are living in an era which is transforming into a highly digitalized environment at a much higher rate. The wave of digitalization is taking over the whole wide world. Today you can almost not imagine a life without any electronic gadget around. Digitalization is actually a boon to humankind. It has decreased workload and had encouraged smart work over hard work. Physically it is very hard to handle certain things with the growing times. With the development of the various sectors of society, the working and functioning system of it is also changing. With vast industries come a huge number of employees associated with it. In such a situation getting synced with other employees and maintain the record and data of the organization in the form of papers at the same time become near to impossible task. This is the reason that gadgets such as laptops are no less than a magical system for us. If you are looking for computer repair services in Mohali, then you are in the right place.

Having a computer is not only important but maintaining it is also a sign of a responsible user. Often with the increase in work and data, we overuse a laptop because of which it starts encountering troubles and its proper functioning is affected. But since a lot of important data are stored in a laptop you cannot afford to lose it anyway. This is the reason that we did our whole research and present you below the list of the best laptop repair centre in Mohali. They provide long-lasting solutions at an affordable rate.

1st Choice Computers Mohali

Sandeep Singh

Email:[email protected]

Address: S.C.F. 60, 1st Floor, Cabin No 6A, Phase 10, 160062, Mohali, Punjab, India

Telephone: 99159-20472, 98767-55850

We deal in the sale & repairing of old and new computers, accessories etc.

Get quality computer accessories at affordable prices. We have a well skilled and professional team of professionals with our regional system center in Mohali offering you a quality repairing and retailing service regarding the laptops and computers. No need to go anywhere, we offers you the required services in your area nearby your homes at the best prices.  Get all the quality computer and laptop accessories here with full guarantee.

Call us anytime and find your required computer, laptop accessories and for repairing any damage to your systems. Moreover we have a great collection of quality laptops and computers, monitors and other computer accessories


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Newtech Communication

Sumit Mehta

Email:[email protected]

Address: S.C.F. 10, 1st Floor Phase 11, S.A.S Nagar, Mohali, Punjab, India

Telephone: 9815729773, 01723935720

Newtech Communication is providing high quality services in Hardware Networking, Wireless Networking, Annual Maintenance, System Integration and Consultancy. We can resolve any hardware or software problem. We believe in Customer Satisfaction. We provide excellent services to our clients. We believe in quality, not quantity, customer satisfaction is our main motto.

The Computer Shop


Email:[email protected]

Address: Booth No.1C, Phase 6, 160055, Mohali, Punjab, India

Telephone: 98149-43127

 The Computer Shop – IT Infrastructure Provider

We deal in the sale & purchase, repairing of all computer accessories. Also have a wide range of top quality laptops and desktops with special offers.

We have associations with the top brands who offer laptops and computers. We are efficient in the supply and service providing of computer hardware and software including computer antivirus etc. Have the correct destination for computer reviews, computer shopper, laptops, computers, tablets and related computer products. Get high quality printers, scanners, CPU, UPS and many other computer accessories at the best prices. Computer installation, configuration, assemble, dealing with all computer accessories including the hardware and software of the computer system. Call us anytime and find solutions for your computer system at the best prices.