Electronic Shop in Chandigarh

Since, we know that there is a great need of the electronics in Chandigarh, this is why, a large number of such shops have been established in the area. Electronics basically refers to physics, technology, engineering, applications, and so much more that has the dealing in the flow, emission, control of the electrons in the vacuum and the matter.

With the establishment of the electrons in the year 1987, there was the innovation of the vacuum tube that was good for the amplification plus the rectification of the little electrical signals, which further did the establishment of the electronics field, and then the age of electron. There are a lot of electronics store in Chandigarh that can bestow us with all of the services that are related to electronics.

 Electronics is also a study that does the dealing in the electrical circuits, to the electrical components, for instance, the vacuum tubes, diodes, integrated circuits, interconnection technologies and so much more. A large number of people pursue the same and then does the undertaking in the dealing of the electronic stuff in the finest way possible.

It is the time of working, when there is the dealing of the circuit at the various components, where the controlling of the flow of electricity is present, which involves the instruments and things like transistors, switches, relays, electrical circuits, as they are helpful in the processing of the information plus the transmission procedure too for the long distances.
The electronic shops are helpful here because they have the top branded types of equipment with them, like the press, stabilizer, battery, wires, cables, extension cards, sockets, ceiling fans, induction coolers, and a lot more.
Do not worry about anything, as we can get all of this at the finest electronic shop in Chandigarh which can be selected with the help of Online Chandigarh, which is a professional at displaying such lists.

Sumit Electronics and Electricals Chandigarh

Aditya Kumar

Email:[email protected]

Address: Shop no. 53, Sector 45C, 160047, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 98885-44045, 98880-82708

Sumit Electronics & Electricals offer the best quality electronic devices at really unbeatable prices.

We deals in offering various electronic devices of the top brands such as inverters, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, juicer and grinder, cooler, stabilizers, press, LED lights, trimmer, Switches & socket, extension cards, induction coolers, home theater, UPS, battery, wires, cables and many more.

We have various long lasting electronic items with full guarantee. You can have various special offers, discounts at various special items. Dealing in various top brands such as Luminous, Exide, Philips, Havels, Khaitan etc. we are offering the customers all these items at affordable rates with special discount offers.

Call us anytime on 98885-44045, 98880-82708 for having the best deals for various household items. We have a great collection of electronic items specially designed for the residential and commercial uses with proper guide manuals with them.

Rajesh Electricals And Electronics Chandigarh


Address: Booth No. 123, Near Police Chowki, Maloya Colony, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 99143-24322

 We deals in the supplying of electrical and electronics products with full guarantee. We have associations with the top electronics and electrical brands in India and we provide you with the best quality products at the best prices.

We provides fans, desert coolers, exhaust fans, geysers, chocks, A/C, washing machine, refrigeration, house wiring and all kinds of electrical repair. With our team of electricians we provide you the best house wiring, other repairing services for having long lasting results.

Anurag Sons Electronics Manimajra

Anurag Bhardwaj

Address: SCO 2/2, Pocket No. 1, NAC Market, Chandigarh - Panchkula Rd, Manimajra, 160101, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 0172-4666300, 99152-50609

Anurag Sons Electronics – Samsung Products

Find the ultimate destination for all Samsung products. We welcome you with the latest Samsung products at the reasonable prices.

As Samsung has gained the trust, love and affection in the market with the useful and faithful product services with different electronics home appliances, here increasing the demands of the Samsung products.  Complete your home with the best quality Samsung lifestyle products such as LCD, TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Monitors and different useful Home Appliances with special offers at our showroom. Everyone is familiar and knows about the service quality of the top electronic brand Samsung and knows the demands of the Samsung smart phones in the market as they are offering quality service in the affordable prices.

Get the quality with warranty electronic products with the best prices at special offers. Get quality service in fewer amounts. Pay less and get more.

Singla Enterprises Chandigarh

Mr. Rajesh Singla

Email:[email protected]

Address: Shop No. 1835, Burail, Sector 45, 160047, Chandigarh, India

Telephone: 76962-09666, 95011-95111


We deal in audio, video, D.V.D, D2H (Free2Air), All Co. D2H, Fancy/Rice/LED & other Diwali items. We are the suppliers of quality electrical & electronics general goods at the best prices.

Moreover, we provide different mobile collections, new mobiles and retailing.  Here, you can also get high quality electronics and electrical general goods such as AC, Washing Machine, Refrigerators, etc. We believe in quality serving to our customers to have the best satisfaction of our customers. We provide electronic items with full guarantee and provide sufficient maintaining services in case of any problem.

Call us anytime on 9501195111, 7696209666 and book a D2H association with the top telecom companies such as Airtel, Vodafone, Tata Sky, Videocon etc.